Web Development


The goal of the Web Development Course : Alchemy is to transform you into a professional developer. This course is focused entirely on equipping you with tools that apply directly to professional web development. If you're interested in learning to code, communicating with your dev team, gaining valuable career skills, this course is for you.

You’ll come to understand coding logic, and learn how to think like a dev by building software from the ground up. Our program will provide you with mentorship, data-driven curriculum and a top notch learning environment that will launch you into your first developer role. By the end, you’ll be creating beautiful apps and understanding web development fundamentals for both front and back end.

  • 25 classes coding bootcamp

    25 Classes in Person

  • coding prep course


  • immersive web development bootcamp

    Live Project

  • developer mentorship

    15:1 Mentor Ratio

What you will learn:

  • Web Development

    Web Development

    The Web isn’t just about the Web anymore. The increasing use of smartphones, tablets, Internet TV, and even wearable technology needs to be taken into account by development teams when websites are designed and built.

  • Ruby


    The hottest coding language that powers popular sites like Airbnb, Twitter, GitHub, Basecamp and Housing, AtCouch. Ruby is an interpreted scripting language, was created to make programming fun. A pure object oriented language , everything is an object in ruby . Very easy to learn , no variable declarations ,very easy syntax. Automatic memory management and lot of things.

  • Ruby On Rails

    Ruby On Rails

    Ruby on Rails is basically a collection of shortcuts written in Ruby that lets you build web applications really quickly. The hottest coding language and framework of choice for popular sites like: Scribd, Groupon, Hulu, Kickstarter, Sendgrid, Soundcloud.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive Design

    One of the most appealing aspects of responsive web design is that a responsive website can provide a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes. This is an important characteristic, since it is impossible to anticipate all the devices and screen sizes searchers will use to access your site.

  • GitHub


    GitHub is used by the top 80% of developers around the world. You’ll take advantage of GitHub to show off and track the progress of the projects you create.

  • HTML & CSS

    HTML & CSS

    Both of them are the essential and important parts in any website. Learn to create gorgeous, responsive web pages and captivate audiences using HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Software Architecture

    Software Architecture

    Understand object-oriented software design and build well encapsulated & decoupled apps.

  • JavaScript


    Learn the language that all web developers must know, along with popular libraries like jQuery.

  • HTTP


    Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient.

  • A lot more

    A lot more

    LIt’s not possible to list everything you will learn in these points. Go through the detailed content to know more!


Our curriculum was created to simulate your real job environment. You'll be exposed to industry relevant web development standards.
Classes will be focused on building your coding knowledge with languages such as Ruby, HTML, CSS, and frameworks such as Sinatra. You will get introduced to the control flow of programs, as well as develop an understanding of how web apps are assembled. Talented developers from software developers community will mentor you throughout the course!

  • Class 1 To 5 : HTML5 CSS
    In initial classes focus will be on knowing basic web technologies and getting acquainted with HTML and CSS.

    • Introduction to Web Technologies
    • HTML and CSS
    • Inheritance in CSS
    • Dynamic checking
    • Debugging & Experimentation
    • Media Queries
    • Project : Resume - Students will make their own Resume website

  • Class 6 To 10 : JavaScript and JQueryNow that we are acquainted with the basics it’s time to move on to web technologies 2.0, where we will be doing basics of JavaScript, JQuery, and framework. Students will work on a minor project based on JS/JQuery.

    • JavaScript
    • JQuery
    • Libraries
    • Bootstrap / Materialize
    • Git and GitHub
    • Project : Game - A Game like minesweeper, 2048 etc.

  • Class 11 To 15 : Ruby on Rails After honing Front-End Development skills, we will learn the Ruby language and Object Oriented Design using it. Then we’ll switch to Sinatra, a ruby based micro framework. Using Sinatra we’ll learn the concepts of Backend Development. We’ll move to an advanced backend framework Ruby on Rails.

    • Ruby
    • Sinatra
    • Introduction to Rails
    • Your first Web Application
    • Project : Dynamic Resume - Students will be making their resume dynamic.

  • Class 16 To 20 : Ruby on Rails TThis section would contain advanced topics in Backend Development, like Database management, Database Access management Layer, Session management in web apps. Authorisation and Authentication using rails. Finally to mark the end of this section, we’ll learn the usage of AJAX in rails.

    • Active record
    • Database Management
    • Session Management
    • Authorization and Authentication
    • AJAX in Rails
    • Project : Modern Dynamic Website - Students will make their own dynamic website like Linkedin, Quora, twitter etc.

  • Class 21 To 23 : In this section of the course , we will learn to make APIs for other developers to consume, and also to deploy our app on amazon server. We’ll learn how to write unit and integration test cases which would help us in agile development and will explore important ruby gems(libraries). We’ll learn integration with facebook login and facebook graph API.

    • APIs
    • Deployment
    • Testing
    • More Ruby Gems
    • Using Facebook Graph API
    • Project : Team Projects - Students will work on their own team projects.

  • Class 24 To 25 : Last section of the course would be focused on node.js. We'll learn to make high I/O applications like our own shared document application, chat server etc. We'll explore the differences between Rails and Nodejs based framework known as Express.js.

    • Node.js
    • Express
    • Sockets
    • Make Google Doc App
    • Deployment

Project Showcase

Our students build projects as part of their final projects. They also demo them in front of the whole community on monthly basis.

Coding Ninjas project

Kalpavriksh Healthcare

The KV Labs is a revolutionary way of booking, viewing and storing reports of all pathology tests in one go. It gives user the option of home sample collection and get reports via In-app notification or email. App also helps you to decide the nearest sample collection centre in your neighbourhood.

Built by:

Coding Ninjas Student

Arpan Garg

Coding Ninjas Student

Rahul Chauhan

Coding Ninjas project

Book Square

Idea behind BookSquare is to solve the problem of books required in college, especially old books as most of students tend to buy old books only, and to provide students with books at minimum market rate and best quality possible.

Most of the books are needed only for a few days before the exams and what we find in market are overpriced books in bad conditions.

That's where BookSquare step in and help the student get the desired books at desired rates in the best possible quality.

Built by:

Coding Ninjas Student

Mohit Garg

Coding Ninjas Student

Parikh Jain

Coding Ninjas Student

Varun Batra

Coding Ninjas project

Free Word

FreeWord allows it's users to post questions on volatile topics, without revealing their credentials, these questions are answered by other users, the answers for a particular question are then categorized on the basis of the upvotes given. User also has the right to give opinions on each of the answers given, these opinions are then segregated into various types depending on the content of the opinion added.

Built by:

Coding Ninjas Student

Akshay Sharma

Our students.

At Coding Ninjas we are looking for a rare people who are seeking an opportunity for extraordinary growth, is ready to thrive in an intense learning environment, and LOVES code.

We look for:
  • passion for coding


    We believe that the best developers are passionate, lifelong learners. As for you: you see bootcamp as more than just the means to an end, and it shows in your ever-growing list of side projects.

  • aptitude for coding

    Aptitude for coding

    Some brains are just wired for coding, no matter their previous exposure or education. You think in a logical, structured way that lends itself beautifully to a career as a developer.

  • Motivated


    Becoming a developer is far from easy. Our program requires motivation, determination, hard work, and resilience. You’re goal-oriented and have a solid idea of what you want to accomplish. You get it done.

  • Friendly


    We’re an array of personalities from every imaginable background, and the result is amazing. If you are kind, quick, and a little quirky, we will be fast friends.

In case it wasn’t clear:

No previous experience is required to attend Coding Ninjas

Career Services.

Career Services is how we connect our graduates with their first role as a developer. Our team will work with you to identify your unique career goals, and guide you to success.

  • Career coaching

    We’ll help you cultivate your career goals and lay out a plan of future courses/projects.

  • Interview & resume prep

    Generally students take this first step casually, our team will help you to make your resume impressive.

  • Introductions & networking

    Our monthly events will connect you with our ever-expanding network and their amazing opportunities.

  • Employer outreach

    The Career Services team is always reaching out to new employers, curating resumes, and arranging interviews.

Admissions Process.

Our students put their trust in us, so we hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that everyone coming into our program is set up for success. For the this course minimum requirement is, that your Data Structure Concepts, OOP concepts should be very clear. To get admission, you will require to appear for test. You won't have to give this test if you have previously done a course with our team. In case you aren't ready for the test, you can make your coding fundamentals strong by opting any of our foundation course.

  • Call Us

    Call Us

    Call our toll free number, ask for more details about the course and other registration details. Always happy to help you :)

  • apply online

    Apply online

    Soon we are launching online registration, till than you can register yourself by transfering the course fee in our account. Our account details are :

  • Visit center

    Visit Centre

    #360, Kohat Enclave, Pitampura, New Delhi
    Visit our Dojo on the given address, meet the coding masters face to face and enroll into you desired course.

Key Dates.

Once you fillup our sign-up form & all your quries are satisfied, and cleared the test, your place in the program will only be reserved once we have received your initial deposit. Deposits can be paid by cash, and we are able to accept cheques, online transfers, bank drafts, or cash for the remainder of your tuition. Your tuition is due 2 weeks before your start date.

  • When to Apply

    6-10 weeks before your intended start date.

    For admissions, we recommend you apply 6-10 weeks before your desired start date as our batches get filled with in 15-20 days we announce them. The sooner your enroll yourself, the better!

  • Prep course

    Length: 20-30 hours

    Completed remotely at your own pace. We will provide you some pre-course assignments which you will have to submit before the course commencement.

  • Training

    Length: 25 classes immersive in-person learning

  • Hachathons

    Every Third Week

    Hackathon after every 6 classes, with exciting challenges!

Start Dates:

Kohat Enclave, Pitampura

June Summer Vacations 2017
(Registations Open)

August 2017
(Registations Opening in June)

January 2018
(Registations Opening in August)

More Centres Coming Soon


  • My Data Structures and OOPS concepts are not that good, can I join the course?

    We expect that you have decent experience in coding, your DS, OOP concepts should be good. The basic idea is that your must be comfortable in converting your logic into codes, only than it would be beneficial to learn any advanced technology.
  • Is there any project related to this course?

    Of course! No learning is complete without a taste of the application. After the course completion, we will undergo a live project. This project can be your own fresh idea, or we will suggest one to you.
  • will there be any project involved in this course?

    Of course! No learning is complete without a taste of the application. After the course completion, we will undergo a live project. This project can be your own fresh idea, or we will suggest one to you.
  • I have done a course with your team, do I still need to give admission test?

    Yes. The main reason for conducting the test is to only be sure that your fundamentals are good. We are confident that if you have already done a foundation course with us, than you would perform really awesome in it :)
  • I had C++ in 12th class, now I want to do Android. Can I join the course?

    Absolutely! If your DS, OOP concepts are good, than you can absolutely enroll in this course. Generally these topics are not covered in the 12th grade curriculum very deeply, but are just introduced.
  • I am very well versed in C++ concepts, but no experience in Java can I join the course?

    Language doesn’t matter, if you are good in any one language you will pick up another. We take initial classes in JAVA and practice lots of questions in this syntax before starting main course. So that's should not be an issue.