Three Friends

I met three people, who were friends. One always tells the truth, other one always lies and the last one alternates between lie and truth.

 Friend 1: You may ask us one question, then you must guess which one is who.
 Friend 2: He’s lying. You may get three questions.
 Friend 3: Oh no. It’s definitely one question.

I asked the first friend a question.

 Me: What would the second friend say if I were to ask - if the 3rd friend had been lying when it agreed with the first one that I could ask only one question.

 Friend 1: He’d say, “Yes, the 3rd friend was lying”

Then I asked a second question addressing the three friends…… But they remained silent.

And, I solved the puzzle in 90 sec.
So, which friend is who ?

Truth, Both, Lie

Lie, Truth, Both

Truth, Lie, Both

Both, Lie, Truth

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